Art Department


Art education at Bayfield Middle School is described as Choice-Based art studio/or Teaching Artistic Behavior.  The art room is arranged with “learning centers” for each medium.  The students make choices about materials they want to use to communicate their own ideas and interests through art-making.  Play, practice, and reflection are integral parts of the learning experience. In contrast to teacher-directed projects, students are encouraged to direct their own art experiences, set their own pace, and be fully engaged in the creative process.   Emphasis is also placed on helping students to develop their abilities to do the following:  Explore new ideas, express ideas, develop craft, envision, understand art in our world, observe, engage and persist, and reflect.  Many students may not ever pursue hobbies or careers in art, but art class can be a place to practice these thinking/learning/life skills.  Please feel free to visit our class anytime and make some art!