Music Department


All groups will participate in celebratory concerts at the end of both semesters. Preparing for these concerts is made easier by combining band groups for Lock-in style rehearsals. We will announce these well in advance, these are voluntary sessions where students practice together as whole groups and then share a meal and a movie.


The BMS music department is joyful in its opportunity to provide several excellent performance based classes;

  • Beginning Concert Band - Open to all ages and serves as a prerequisite for Jazz or Advanced Band
  • Advanced Concert Band - The next level in instruction for Beginning concert band students.
  • Jazz Band - Covers the same repertoire as Advanced band with the addition of Jazz titles.
  • Seventh and Eighth Grade Choir - Combined for concerts, the seventh grade choir focuses on sound production and sight reading whereas the eighth grade choir works on advanced sight-reading skills.
  • Beginning Orchestra - This class offers students an introduction to the violin, viola, cello and upright bass through a variety of styles including classical, jazz, pop, blues and bluegrass. Students will be challenged musically, have a chance to be creative, foster quality musicianship, and have fun of course! Each student is asked to practice at least 100 minutes each week.
  • Advanced Orchestra - This class offers experienced orchestra students the opportunity to develop their musicianship skills through age appropriate repertoire and healthy ensemble competition. Each student is required to practice 100 minutes every week because “Practice makes permanent.”

The choirs, and both advanced and Jazz bands will travel for contests in the Spring.


Important Practice Gadgets:
video recorder
your own music for individual growth.
Portable Music Stand