School Accountability

BMS School Advisory and Accountability Committee (SAAC)

Every school in Colorado has an advising committee that is charged with examining key elements of school functioning. Bayfield Middle School will leverage this team to examine the following.
  • School performance reports
  • School Unified Improvement Plan development
  • Budgeting and prioritization
  • Program development and supporting learners

BMS SAAC Meeting Dates

BMS will be having its first SAAC Meeting of the 2022/23 School Year Wednesday - September 7, 2022-4:30pm. 
BMS SAAC Meeting Dates. 

September 7th, 2022

October 19th, 2022

January 18th, 2023

March 15th, 2023

Anyone is welcome to join and participate in our advisory committee.

BMS 2022-2023 Assessment Calendar

All 6th Grade-10-2022
NWEA Maps Interim Assessment Windows
  • Fall Beginning-of-Year Assessment: 8-26-22*9-1-22
  • Winter Middle-of-Year Assessment: 12-5-22*12-15-22
  • Spring End-of-Year Assessment: 4-24-23*5-4-23
Bayfield Middle School is now administering the PSAT 8, a paper exam that measures post-secondary readiness. The PSAT and SAT are the primary performance measures at the high school. This test will inform students of their readiness and will be delivered in the fall. It is not currently a part of the school's state performance framework.
Social Studies Grade 7 (Sampling basis only)
Science Grade 8
Math and ELA 6/7/8