8th Grade Continuation Moved Indoors

Bayfield Middle School will bid farewell to their 8th graders on May 21st at 6:00 p.m. in a ceremony that bears some similarity to the sendoff given to the high school seniors a couple of days earlier, but the venue has been changed from Wolverine Country Stadium to the main gym at BHS because of weather concerns.

BMS Principal Marcia Hoerl will welcome visitors to begin the program — the school prepares for as many as 300 — and BMS Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Laurel Slye will present awards for the Male and Female Athletes of the Year and another for the Student of the Year. 

The members of the 8th grade class chose their math teacher, Laura Hill, as their keynote speaker and she will join the other 8th grade teachers in assisting the school board with the presentation of each student’s Continuation Certificate. Some of the BMS students have also asked to recognize Ms. Michelle “Mitch” Wennerstrom, a teacher who was lost in November, 2023, as part of their continuation celebration.

Following the ceremony, the students will head back to BMS for one more gathering as middle schoolers. They will enjoy a dinner and dance before gathering up the Continuation Posters that have been hanging in the hall through their last couple of weeks of school and saying their final goodbyes to BMS.