Schedule Design

School Year Overview

Bayfield Middle School has semester- and quarter-long classes as well as 7-week exploratory blocks.

Core Academic Classes

All students take four core academic classes -English / Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science. Each course is a year-long course divided into two semesters. Each semester grade is comprised of two quarter grades, each composing 50% of the semester grade.

Elective Classes

Students will choose elective classes each year. There are year-long, semester, and quarter based electives. Sixth graders will take one elective class in addition to their Exploratory block. Seventh and eighth graders will take two electives in addition to their Exploratory block.

Exploratory Blocks

Students in each grade level will go through a rotation of exploratory classes. Exploratory blocks are seven weeks long. All students will take art, career and technical education (CTE), physical education, and Spanish language. There is an additional exploratory in each grade level that address grade-level requirements.